My body is a cage

So, here I am, a month later.

The more I examine and filter my thoughts (what I really think and believe), temper my emotions, and let go of everything egocentric, and the more I feel like myself. I realized that many external factors had a stranglehold on me and my feelings. I was like a prisoner of my own self because I kept myself from thinking clearly and from behaving for my own good.

It’s kind of strange, looking back and to realize that all these years, I had no clue of what I was doing. And you have no way of knowing that you are caught in this state until you decide that you’re done with being unhappy, tired, powerless and unfulfilled.

The key is living by the rules of nature. You can try to ignore them but you can never win. Like gravity, you can try to escape from it but it will get you in the end, no matter what. One of theses rules is balance; in everything you are, want, do, feel, etc…It’ll take you further and higher in every way because this is what the universe is aspiring to.

Yours truly,



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