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A New Era


Hello Wide World of the Web,

I haven’t written in a month. I’ve been through a lot, some depressing times of the winter, after the holidays. I can’t wait for the sun and the warm days to be back.

I’m caught in a process where I’m trying to define my new self. Who do I want to be? What do I throw away and what do I keep from the old Me?

Most important, I need to find my inner joy, my inner strength and inner power.


Free myself from the constant fear of what other people might think.

A new era is about to beginning,



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Raised by wild books. Not properly socialised. At war with bullshit.

That’s right. That’s me. 

I decided to write this blog, not knowing where it’s gonna lead me or how it’s gonna end. I kind of just felt to need to talk about some stuff and doing it publicly because, in a way, even if only one person reads this blog, we’ll both feel less alone. The classic.


I hope this will be an enlightening adventure.



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