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3D-graphics_Energy_field_024739_« The trick is to be able to protect yourself without being offended by the acts and words of others. To borrow an analogy from Castaneda, if you were out in the jungle, and a wild animal attacked you, you would do everything in your power to protect yourself but it would never occur to you to be personally offended. It is taking offense, not self-protection that is energy draining. »
Esmeralda Arana, The Path


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Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions


Soo, weren’t you all waiting so impatiently for my list of 2014 resolutions!??

This year I didn’t want to make a list but after all, but I still had some goals in mind for this new year so I might as well just make one.

1-      I don’t want to be tired anymore. Ever.
I need to do my best in order to keep my energy; not waste it on things that are not worth it, unimportant situation or people, sleep sufficiently and control my emotions more.

2-      I want to be able to be the best version of myself at all time.
I don’t want to be less than that in my life. And of course, improve myself constantly.

3-      I need to build my self-confidence.
It’s so stupid that I have to worry about that but actually; it’s causing me a lot of sorrow. I need to love myself to be able to love others as well.

As for my ambitions: I want to be successful in school, find a cool job in my field (as a student), create more friendships with the people around me, and build a stronger relationship with my lover everyday. That’s pretty much it for now. 

I’m only sharing (modestly), maybe I can inspire (?)


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