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3D-graphics_Energy_field_024739_« The trick is to be able to protect yourself without being offended by the acts and words of others. To borrow an analogy from Castaneda, if you were out in the jungle, and a wild animal attacked you, you would do everything in your power to protect yourself but it would never occur to you to be personally offended. It is taking offense, not self-protection that is energy draining. »
Esmeralda Arana, The Path


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A New Era


Hello Wide World of the Web,

I haven’t written in a month. I’ve been through a lot, some depressing times of the winter, after the holidays. I can’t wait for the sun and the warm days to be back.

I’m caught in a process where I’m trying to define my new self. Who do I want to be? What do I throw away and what do I keep from the old Me?

Most important, I need to find my inner joy, my inner strength and inner power.


Free myself from the constant fear of what other people might think.

A new era is about to beginning,


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In the healing process


῾῾The energy of emotional purification will help you forgive yourself for making choices that you did not fully understand at the time. From the moment you are free of regret or sorry for yourself, you can begin to heal, and then will automatically heal everyone around you with radiant unconditional love.᾿᾿

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Live your fucking life!

Believe in yourFUCKINGself

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octobre 4, 2013 · 4:03