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3D-graphics_Energy_field_024739_« The trick is to be able to protect yourself without being offended by the acts and words of others. To borrow an analogy from Castaneda, if you were out in the jungle, and a wild animal attacked you, you would do everything in your power to protect yourself but it would never occur to you to be personally offended. It is taking offense, not self-protection that is energy draining. »
Esmeralda Arana, The Path


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Not properly socialised

Grunge for rent. Punk for sale. (riot grrrl )

He once said to me: « Would you please stop trying be so ‘alternative’ (meaning: different) »

At first, I was so shocked.

– « What do you mean? »
– « Stop rebelling against everything! »

To be completely honest, at first, I felt profoundly hurt without being able explain why.
Then, I realised: I was not TRYING to be like « that ». He made me feel rejected for being who I am.
Did he actually thought that I was being fake and rebellious and immature ?

Do I look like someone who seek for fucking attention, to you ? I don’t give a fucking shit.

Then, it made me angry because I was hurt.

What I should have said to him is: « Do you have any idea how much I suffer and how much I have suffered from constantly feeling different ? Unfitted ? NonconformDo I look like a joke ? Do I look amused ? Who do you take me for ? I thought you knew … »

I thought you knew …

I just want to fit.


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